Book Talk

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” ~Emily Buchwald Reading is personal and if you want your child to connect to a story, they need to enjoy it. Seems like a simple concept, but often times we forget this and guide them toward stories we enjoyed. Although it’s easier with picture books, […]

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Reading Ruined

Growing up I was a voracious reader. My aunt owned a dance studio, which was right across the street from the local public library. In between classes or while waiting on my sister, I would walk over to the library. I would quickly do my homework and then wander the building, scouring the shelves for […]

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Our Educational Journey

In California, our children attended exceptional public elementary schools and up until recently, it had been smooth sailing with their academics. As parents, we were content and able to trust the process, teachers, school and curriculum knowing they were receiving a high quality education. Eventually though, there was a shift once our oldest began sixth […]

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