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When you are sick, it’s hard to be extra, let alone even normal. Having caught strep throat, I found myself laid up in bed and all of my projects put on hold.

Since I am adult, it took me forever to recover from my illness, but I am back at it and sharing one of my favorite resources, Scholastic Magazines. Incidentally, I am not getting paid to endorse Scholastic (I wish) but am merely sharing my love for what I consider a comprehensive, interesting and engaging resource to add to your home curriculum.

Scholastic Magazines have come a long way since I first had a subscription to Scholastic News fifteen years ago as a 6th grade teacher. The articles were interesting, but beyond some mapping skills and a few graphic organizers, the magazine became something students completed when they had down time in class. As a result, I didn’t fully incorporate the news articles into our curriculum.

Some years later, in my quest to find unique non fiction articles and short stories to use within my ELA classroom, I stumbled upon Scholastic Scope. Where had this been all my life??? It checked every box:

Non Fiction


Paired Text



In addition to the content and physical magazine, there was a teacher guide and digital and printable activities for the students. The magazine was also available to the students online and many of the activities could be uploaded via google classroom. As Scholastic states it’s a “complete teaching kit”.

There are magazines for all grade levels and subject matter and even as a home educator you can purchase a subscription to the magazines. Although it says the minimum order is 10 (when you visit the website), all you need to do is call into Scholastic and speak to a customer service representative who will let you order one copy of the magazine for home use.

During homeschooling last year, I purchased Scope, Super Science, Dyna Math, Science World and Art. Moreover, as my kids went off to public school, I still bought a subscription to Super Science and Science World. My girls love the stories, articles, activities and especially the experiments that coincide with the science subscriptions.

In my opinion, if you are going to buy one resource for “extra” school work, this is it. It is well worth the money and checks every curriculum box while still being fun and engaging for your kids. Gone are the days of heavy textbooks and antiquated worksheets…Scholastic Magazines in my opinion should be in every classroom and a part of every home learning experience.

Additionally, check with your school and see if Scholastic Magazines can be utilized within your child’s classroom. It’s a cost effective way to get quality, differentiated curriculum into the schools and another way you can be an “extra” parent.

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