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The school year is slowly winding down but the end of year activities and chaos seem to be ramping up, hence my lack of blogging. In addition to running my kids to concerts, recitals, practices and play dates, I have been planning my online summer courses for middle and high school. There is still time to sign up!

Extra School Mom Classes, 2019

The nerdy teacher in me is quite excited for everything I have created. As the summer approaches, I look forward to sharing my love of reading and writing with another group of students, which also includes my own children.

Additionally, the other day I stumbled upon a great educational resource at Costco, of all places. I usually don’t venture into the center of the store (I like to get in and get out) but when I do, it’s to check out the book tables. In searching for the latest Babysitter’s Club graphic novel and Dog Man book, I found these.

Given I wanted to get out of Costco ASAP (the check out line was growing at an alarming rate), I did a quick once over with my curriculum eyes and picked up the science, math and history notebooks.

Once I got home, and upon further inspection, I was quite happy with my purchase. These books are published in New York and appear to follow American curriculum standards. Not only are the pages aesthetically pleasing, but each book is organized by concept, with engaging information, articles and activities that like it states, all middle schoolers should know. You can write directly into the book, or if you want to reuse them (like I plan to), you can have your child write their answers into a separate notebook.

My oldest already started the history one, brushing up on her knowledge of ancient civilizations and was ecstatic to find a handful of sections on American History.

I would say this is a summer approved resource and one that can easily be used by any parent at home. Even beyond the summer, this book series is one that could be used as a reference guide and “extra” activity all school year long. The math one alone is a must have for the home, especially for those times you are helping your child find the slope of a line and solve algebraic equations.

While you are running around town, and headed to Costco to stock up on your summer freezie supply and bulk tubes of sunscreen, pick up one or more of these books. Remember though, get there right away, before the lines start to form and people begin queuing up for free samples.

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