File Folders

During the first year of my teaching program at the University of Minnesota, we were tasked with creating a file folder game. I don’t recall what my game consisted of (something with rabbits??) and I am sure it wasn’t overly creative, but I had fun making it!

Geared toward preschool and lower elementary aged children, file folder games are essentially just that; a game played using a file folder. It is a creative and tactile way to learn a new concept such as fractions, animals, consonant blends, seasons etc.

The possibilities are endless…just check out this File Folder Fun website.

Even better, creating a file folder game is practically free. All you need is a file folder and a few basic art supplies.

Additionally, file folders come in handy for Matchbook Chapter Summaries when working on a novel study. The great thing about this activity is that it can be modified and used for all grade levels. I used this in my 6th grade classroom as well during homeschool with Elsa in 2nd grade and now in 4th grade. Not only is this one of my favorite projects to do with a novel, it is also fairly independent, which is helpful if you are trying to balance school and work.

My students have also used file folders to make board games. Create your own, or use one of these free templates.

With the weekend coming up, plan a family game night and have the kids create the games!

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