How Are You Doing?

By now, most families are well into their new, home learning adventure.

It is quite the adventure!

Although everyone is learning at home, remember this isn’t typical homeschooling…cut yourself some slack.

The kids and I definitely have days where we struggle to get into a routine; days where we feel foggy, unmotivated and not wanting to tackle our schoolwork. During moments like this, we clear the cobwebs and get outside for a long walk (or two).

Honey says, ” No more walks please!”

We may be wishing for sunnier days where we can hang with friends and family, but overall we are making the best of our time at home.

Soren has been working both in English and French. Unfortunately, I am unable to support him as much as I want to with the French (I should have paid more attention in French class), but we are doing our best. Soren often comments “I can’t find my French words,” which means we have to work a little bit harder, especially during writing. Here is his “book”…anything to get him writing and yes, it’s all about hockey for Soren.

I am grateful for his teacher who continues to supply us with support and French resources, otherwise I would be lost. Teachers are the best!

Elsa just read the wonderful book Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo and along the way completed this Matchbook Chapter Summaries. If you’re looking for a unique and fun independent reading activity, this is the one! She also recreated the book cover and completed a plot chart/story map on the back of the file folder.

Here is more information about story structure as well as a FREE plot chart.

With her extra time at home, Sophie has been able to nurture her creative abilities, with Ellinor as her muse.

I hope you are doing well and allowing for grace during this unprecedented time. The best advice I can offer at the moment is to create activities, which focus on your child’s strengths and cultivate meaningful learning opportunities around what makes them happy.

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