I’m Back

After a long spring, I took some time this summer to unplug.

Well, I’m back.

I feel empowered and recharged, ready to take on a new school year…even if that means middle school math!

In writing this, I was reminded of the comfort and stability homeschooling provides. With all the uncertainties in life, homeschool has been one of the constants and also a sources of happiness for me and the kids. As a result, we finished our school year strong and never missed a beat.

If you read in my previous blog from March (yikes), I was already preparing for the new school year…months ago.

Planning is the key to a successful school year.

In creating my plan, I always ask my kids what topics they would like to learn about, which usually is met with “I don’t know”.

Not helpful, but I get it. It is a huge question to ask a kid, especially one who is fully enjoying their school free summer break. In moments like this, I throw out ideas and see what sticks.

With any new books, projects and ideas, I get their feedback. Does this look like something you would want to do? If not, what would be something you want to try?

Again, I try to follow the standards a road map for our curriculum, but within this, personalization to your child is important.

So what are we doing this year?

Ellinor is 3 (almost 4) and she is starting preschool. My older kids attended a play based, child-centered preschool, which is what I want to create for Ellinor.

For starters, I have set up a sensory table. I bought our table at IKEA. If you have a preschooler at home, you need this. Even my older kids are enjoying it :). Our plan is to have morning time, look at the calendar, talk about the weather, read books and ease into our day. Again, even my big kids are excited for this.

I think preschool is going to be a good thing for all of us.

Soren is starting 3rd grade and will be using the following:

Dimensions Math (Singapore Math), Grade 3

Scholastic Magazines: Super Science and Storyworks 3

Wordly Wise 3000, Grade 3

One thing that Soren asked for (yes, he asked for this), was to have tests. I have never really used testing in homeschool. Since I work so closely with the kids, I know what they have an have not mastered without the need for an assessment. Well, Soren loves tests. He likes working under pressure and having concrete, numerical progress for his accomplishments. I am sure he would even analyze and graph his test scores.

He is just like his dad 🙂

I granted Soren’s request, and purchased the test booklets for his Dimensions Math and Wordly Wise programs.

Elsa is onto 6th grade! As a middle school teacher, I am super excited for this year. I have a plethora of middle school curriculum, but this is what we will be working on:

Dimensions Math (Singapore Math) Grade 6

Scholastic Magazines: Science World and SCOPE

Wordly Wise 3000, Grade 6

Oak Meadow Ancient Civilizations

Unlike her brother, Elsa does not enjoy tests, but prefers projects. Thankfully, all of her curriculum allows for project based learning and I can also supplement with Teachers Pay Teachers.

With science, we are going to try out this marine biology unit created by the Good and Beautiful. All of the kids can participate and it is easily adaptable to any age lever. FYI…this resource is FREE, so download it now.

I hope your school year planning goes well and please reach out if you have any questions or need help.

Remember, there is still have plenty of summer left. I hope you enjoy these last weeks with your kids, enjoying the outdoors (especially if you get cold winters) and gearing up for the new school year.

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